LETTER: Saddened by death of magic icon Paul Daniels

Paul Daniels
Paul Daniels

The death of Paul Daniels has indeed saddened many, many people.

I knew Paul as early as 1972, when I was just 21.

He was the star in the first professional engagement I did as electronic organist/pianist and MD.

He and I later worked together after he had become – shall we say – famous a couple of years later, and then after that.

By returning to this area, I focused on various musical careers, still remaining a professional musician until retirement through hearing loss in 1998.

However, Paul and I met up again, socially, at Newark Palace Theatre in 2001.

Since then we had been in intermittent contact by email. My last email was just a couple of weeks ago in response to the sad news Paul had a brain tumour.

The reply from his son Gary is copied below.

‘Hi Don. Its’ Pauls son, Gary. I just wanted to thank you for the email and I will of course pass on your well wishes to Dad and Debbie. Please excuse the short response but, as you can imagine, the inbox has ignited.’

Don Sharpe