LETTER: Roads and junction can’t cope with traffic


The other day I was stuck in traffic and it took 15 minutes to move about 300 yards.

I suppose on busy roads this is not unusual. Was I on the M1, had there been an accident, or on a section of motorway with roadworks? We’ve all been there.

No, I had been to a new restaurant off Park Lane by the Odeon Cinema in Mansfield and I was just trying to leave the car park to get back onto Nottingham Road.

I imagine when this road was built the traffic was not so bad, but now with a larger Sainsburys, a new Aldi, and now three new restaurants, there has been a huge increase of traffic usage, and the roads and junction just can’t cope. I think its about time this situation was looked into as it will only get worse, and it may put people off from visiting this site.

Mansfield Leisure Park is a great facility to have in our town, but movement of traffic off the site is intolerable.

It has certainly put me off from going at peak times, and I 
will now consider either parking elsewhere and walking there, or going somewhere different.

Pete Williams

By email