LETTER: Rethink leisure centre closure

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I am somewhat confused about a recent report in the Chad entitled ‘New commission aims to get Mansfield residents fit and healthy.’

Whilst it may be seen by some as very commendable to look at ways of improving the health and well being of local residents, it may be seen by some, especially here in Warsop, as being rather hypocritical.

According to the Chad article, the mayor is reported to have said: “It’s time for us to seriously look at the health of local residents and the issues that people are facing each day in staying fit and well.”

Maybe the mayor needs to look very seriously at what she has said and explain to the people of Warsop why Mansfield District Council (MDC) have decided to close the Meden Sports Centre and John Eastwood swimming baths which will deprive the town of a swimming pool, sports centre and gymnasium. Swimming has many health benefits including cardiovascular, helping improve muscles as well as relieving tension and stress. The gymnasium at Meden Sports Centre is very beneficial in helping people stay healthy and not expensive either, unlike some large membership gymnasiums.

Perhaps the mayor is going to prove me wrong and announce that her mayoral commission for Warsop has made the decision to knock down the old sports centre and build a new council-run flagship swimming pool sports centre and gymnasium for the 21st century. I just hope the report is not published on April 1.

In hearing that the sports centre is due to close its doors on April 30 2018 the MP for Mansfield, Ben Bradley, took to Facebook to say: “This whole thing is incredibly frustrating. I’m pushing both district and county councils to find a solution here and I thought we’d made some progress during the mayor’s Warsop commission, but they’ve still made this announcement. I’ll keep trying to find ways forward and convince MDC that this needs to be a huge priority for Warsop.”

Whilst I have no formal qualifications in advising people on how to stay fit and healthy, I do feel I am qualified as a voter to be able to tell the mayor that if you are really serious in wanting to look after the health of local residents and the issues that people are facing each day in staying fit and well, then MDC needs to seriously reflect on the decision to close these facilities in Warsop which will allow people to take ownership of their own well being and use the facilities to remain fit and healthy.

Adrian Hardy

Church Close, Church Warsop