LETTER: Result shows it is worth voting

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The high turnout for the EU referendum on Thursday showed the strength of feeling of the Mansfield residents who normally say “ why bother voting, nothing will change”. 
The referendum gave everyone the opportunity to demonstrate to Westminster the unrest about the way our views and wishes were not being championed strongly enough in Europe, and the result of 70 per cent of voters (in Mansfield) wishing to leave is a clear indication of the desire to regain our sovereignty, end the open door policy and re-shape our future for the good of our children and grandchildren.

This is the start of the journey, and there may be times in the transition period when you ask yourselves “have we done the right thing, voting leave?”, but I sincerely believe that we can make Britain great again using the same resources, brainpower, skills and ingenuity that made us a world leader in the first place, and the cash drain to Europe financing another level of bureaucracy can be better used for the NHS, education, and encouraging the rebirth of British industry.

The suggestion that trading with other nations will be difficult is a fallacy in my view. We still have goods the world wants to buy from us and sell to us.

Yes, new agreements will have to be negotiated, but that is part of the process.

The dramatic fall in the value of the pound is a knee-jerk reaction and stability will soon return. We are still a strong nation financially.

Mr Cameron has decided he will not be the captain of this ship as we leave the EU following his defeat. As Sir Alan Meale was in the ‘remain’ camp, should we perhaps also now have an MP who is more representative of the views of the people of Mansfield and district?

Andy Sissons

County Councillor for Mansfield South &District

Councillor for Newgate Ward