LETTER: Remainers seem happy to undermine Brexit

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In reply to Ian Woods’ letter in the Derbyshire Times entitled ‘We will be brexit in name only’.

I must agree with Ian Woods that the appalling way Brexit is being handled it may well be that, unfortunately, Britain may well end up remaining in the EU in all but name.

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However, I cannot accept remainers making repeated false comments that brexiteers would now like to remain in the EU because of the shambolic way the government is dealing with the Brexit process, and that at every opportunity people like Gina Miller, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair and many other remain advocates are trying every trick in the book to jeapordise Brexit, including mainstream media.

I would welcome these people to take ‘ownership’ of the fact that they, in my view, disrespect democracy, and that collectively, since the referendum, I feel have tried every which way to weaken our negotiating position with the EU, playing right into the EU’s hands.

A united Britain with everyone respecting democracy would mean a stronger position, but rest assured we brexiteers are most certainly not changing our minds, the vote has been cast and we voted leave.

I feel that remainers no doubt will give themselves a pat on the back for instrumentally playing a part in ruining Brexit for the nation.

Ava Kavooris

By email