LETTER: Referendum was an ill-judged farce

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I hope Alan Craw will derive some comfort from the desperate reaction to his Voltaire-esque view of Brexit (Chad, December 28). Read the letter in full here. 
Hyperbolic though it was, like all satire it contained, for me, essential truths. He deserves my support.

Apart from the delusional Joe E. Brown lookalike Farage, those who proposed Brexit have largely retreated to their burrows.

They were ill-prepared and right up to the last minutes did not expect to win.

It is my belief that, as a result, they are no longer able to realistically support their grand illusion that successfully persuaded just enough of our understandably disgruntled but mostly aimless and ill-informed citizens - 52/48 is hardly a convincing victory.

Most of us, in my view, had no adequate appreciation of the impossibly hard to discover facts – something which made the referendum an ill-judged farce rightly seized upon by Mr Craw and other better known satirists.

I suspect many Brexiteers will now be thinking that they may have made the wrong decision.

A few will shout loudly that they did not.

The result is that a half-convinced remainer now has to lead a divided government and must take the flack while attempting to organise a long drawn out peacetime Dunkirk while other remainers like Alan Craw and myself will take little comfort from believing ourselves to have been right all along.

Bob Renshaw

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