LETTER: Put money in rather than taking it out

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Ben Bradley MP’s petition for two hours of free parking would give a much-needed boost to the town and its beleaguered traders.

But like all previous effort it will fall on deaf ears. 
I feel Mansfield District Council would prefer the income from parking to the needs of traders. 
Can they not see with their own eyes how “sad” the town is becoming?

Most, if not all shops are struggling to hold on, facing reductions in footfall, but increases in rent and rates and wages.

Of equal concern should be MDC’s investment portfolio of properties around the country. 
I do not doubt any of them and applaud the income generated back into the budget, but what does it say of Mansfield if its own council cannot see a return on investment in the town.

If they are poor, do something about it, not take the money out.

Get on with the Town Hall, create an indoor market now, forget upstairs, wouldn’t it be nice to have a fish stall, where none now exists in town?

Sid Pepper

By email