LETTER: Pro-fracking letters have no basis

I find it very odd that in the last few weeks in the Chad, the pro-fracking letter writers have not been willing to supply their names.
I will defend the rights of those who wish to debate both sides of the arguments and would hope that anti-fracking campaigners would respect that right too.

In my opinion the claims put by both writers have little or no basis. 
In the first letter, it was, in my opinion, a poorly written version of the INEOS advert word for word. Read the letter here.

The latest letter in the Chad is also making what I feel are unjustified claims about the ease of drilling. Read the letter here.
The language used in these letters is pretty arrogant and blind to the broader arguments in my opinion.

Yes we used to employ thousands in coal mining in our area but don’t be fooled into thinking the numbers supplied by Mr Pickering are also about jobs in our area.

In a world where we are running out of fossil fuels and out of time with regard to climate change, it seems nonsensical to use up what little we have left of a valuable resource when we are wasting renewable energy on a daily basis.

Our beloved former Prime Minister Gordon Brown sold off our gold reserves. Surely this is a new opportunity world-wide to create a new bank of reserves, saved for that time when our world is in its final breaths?

Our Government should see this as an opportunity to set an example and bank these deep set resources.

Let’s get on with improving our battery technologies to store the excess renewable energy for night-time use and use the amazing new solar technologies to make every new window into a battery.

Charles Cannon


Ransomwood Estates Ltd