LETTER: Praise for the women of Mansfield

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In a week that contains Mother’s Day and International Women’s Day, could I through your paper highlight the achievements of women that live in my ward and who I have been proud and privileged to help and support in their efforts to do what they have set their mind on.

I will not reveal the names of these phenomenal women for fear of embarrassing or even upsetting them in some way.

What I would like to do is share some of the issues and instances when they have striven and stood up for what they felt was right, not only for themselves but for the community at large.

The area of Penniment Ward and indeed the Ladybrook area is a better place because they put their heads above the parapet and are still doing so.

They have campaigned to have an extra bus stop, preserve an access available to them for 50 years, started and run a Neighbourhood Watch, fought against a contentious planning application and there is one who has have been a community activist for most of her life. All this whilst bringing up families, working or doing both.

So when we recognise, quite rightly, international and national celebrations, let’s celebrate and acknowledge what is happening in Mansfield, because it has certainly enriched and made my job as ward councillor more rewarding.


Stuart Richardson

Penniment Ward