LETTER: Politicians need to answer some questions about the economy

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I think you should use the Chad to ask some serious ‘middle-of-the-road’ questions of politicians. 
Let me clear my position. I have never voted Tory in my life, also Labour once, and I got Geoff Hoon and Tony Blair in that poll.
The laws of libel do not allow me to say what I think of both, sufficient to say unlike the British electorate, I weighed both of them up in ten weeks, not ten years.

Let’s start with the Tories. In my view the party has only ever looked after their own - the rich, among whom there is probably more corruption than any other group. How can anyone believe that the party will do anything to curb the rises of the mostly foreign power companies. Nothing has been done in the past. In regard to the British economy, my view is, in or out of the EU, the British economy is in ‘zzzz street’. 
The colossal amount of national debt that every British government has run up since World War Two has made us so vulnerable to the whims of the international speculators and gamblers in America and dominated capitalist system. If the present leaders of the Labour Party were to get within shouting distance of 10 Downing Street, they would sink without a trace in my view.

If you do not believe this, just think back to what happened on Brexit morning before a shot had been fired (even a blank) on leaving the EU. This was the currency gamblers in action. Where do you think this Prime Minister would be able to borrow the money for his programmes? Once a government gets involved in any scheme, the wise boys are on to it like blowflies on bad meat, it costs twice what it should.
Communism failed, nationalism failed. None of the politicians have a clue how to get this country’s production up to a similar position as say Germany’s. 
Take, for instance, Japan, supposedly a clever race, they are unable to get their economy going having tried zero interest rates etc.

Joe Soap

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