LETTER:Please don’t vote without thinking

Ballot box
Ballot box

I was in conversation with a Labour Councillor recently who stated that the Labour Party in Mansfield could put up anyone for election and 1000’s of people in Mansfield would vote for it as long is it was Labour.

I’m not sure which side of this alarms me the most, that the Labour Group in our town is so arrogant it believes this statement or, far more worrying to us all, that there are in fact 100s of residents that tick the red box regardless.

Voting with no knowledge or understanding of the person you are supporting for office is worse than not voting at all. If all registered electors took the time to find out more about their chosen candidate things might be so different in our town. For example, did you know the Labour majority council has within its ranks councillors that have missed nearly HALF of their required meeting allocation (see MDC attendance records)? In fact, do you even know the name of your ward councillor? OUR MONEY IS PAYING FOR THESE PEOPLE.

There are individuals within our council that have no right to be there, other than the fact that in the past people must have voted for them without knowing who, or what it is they are voting for. We, the registered electors, have a responsibility to investigate for ourselves the people for whom we vote.

Make no mistake there are councillors within that chamber that are worth their weight in gold for their time and commitment to the District and its people. That said, be of no doubt they are few and far between. Many of our towns residents already do so much for our town on a voluntary basis. Our unsung heroes. Do you know you can get paid to help make Mansfield better for all by standing for Council? Are you an individual that could get involved as a free thinker, a person not using the position to play at politics or worse still as a top up to your other salary?

Whatever the outcome of the forthcoming election, please consider getting involved in four years time.

Martin Killick

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