LETTER: Photo used by Chad was distressing

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I wish to complain about the distressing photograph used in the article about dog theft and dogs being used as ‘bait dogs’ in last week’s Chad.

I found that the photo used was very upsetting. I understand that the theft of dogs needed to be highlighted and yes we know some of these dogs are stolen for this purpose, but to use this photograph of dogs fighting was out of order, I feel. If people don’t want to read about it then they should be able to skim past it and not be faced with this disturbing image. Obviously it was supposed to be used for the shock factor and it has worked. What would happen if a child or vulnerable person had seen this? Would anybody actually care that this may have caused someone to be distressed and offended about this?

I thought the Chad was a decent newspaper and didn’t have to rely on the shock factor like a tabloid newspaper. I hope I am not wrong.

Mary-Ann Perkins

By email