LETTER: People have short memories when it comes to politics

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I have just read a party political post on behalf of the Labour Party, or should I say the “perfect party”, and God help us.

It’s funny how the kettle calls the pot black when it comes to throwing insults or accusations at the opposition, i.e. Ben Bradley.

I seem to remember in the not-too-distant past a serving Prime Minister calling someone a “bigot” and it went viral. 
Yes, you’ve got it, he belonged to the Labour Party. 
People have short memories haven’t they?

Since this slip of the tongue, has it reared its ugly head, perhaps from the Labour Party?

No, not even the opposition has mentioned it. Perhaps they are more grown up, I don’t know.

And should we accept that it is part of today’s society that someone should receive death threats from a minority? Well, I’m sorry, but we shouldn’t and the people in power should strive to cut this cancer from our lives.

What hypocrisy, the post also referred to the extremists of the opposition. I think these people seriously need to look deep into their own ranks before throwing stones.

There is a reason why the Labour Party is not in power, it’s called democracy.

The people of this country voted to get rid of the incompetence of the opposition when we were on our knees.

What was the note left from the outgoing Chancellor? “No money left in the kitty”. I have not heard of this being denied from anyone. I cannot believe educated, professional people would make such a childish remark about the future of this country and the millions that reside in it.

The Conservatives warned us that this would not be an easy fix and would take years to put right, and so we end up being impatient and want a new government, it’s just one vicious circle. Put Labour in to bankrupt the country and then the Conservatives to try and bail us out, we will never be on an even keel.

I have been a working man all my life, paying my taxes, and always been below the average wage. Most of my family have worked in the mines, including my dad and granddad, and so I’m not bias in anyway but look at the whole picture when it comes to politics.

Arthur Keeton