LETTER: Parkside Care Home staff really are truly amazing people


I’d like to mention a care home and its staff for their outstanding work. 
Parkside Care Home in Forest Town has really gone above and beyond.

A few years ago, a young lady was taken there only in her early 50s. This lady was my friend who, I regret to say, I lost touch with.

She passed away at only 58 after a hard, terrible life. She had no family contact and the staff at Parkside made her part of their family. They showed her love, showed her she was worth loving and made her believe in a better life.

Recently it was her funeral and instead of the council planning a basic funeral for one of God’s precious children, the care home organised a very thoughtful, fitting service. It arranged a beautiful colourful coffin, flowers to represent her personality and found out the church she visited regularly so the service could be held there.

Because of this, her friends were found and could have closure knowing what happened to her. 
Not stopping there, they provided the congregation with a lovely buffet and welcomed us into their care home with warmth and love. 
Thanks to this care home, this lady, who had endured such a sad and terrible life for so many years, finally had a home and a family who loved her. 
This lady was given back to God in the most beautiful possible way. 
While I was at the home after the service I discovered they had to arrange another lady’s funeral two days prior, which sounded just as loving and just as beautiful. 
The staff have gone above and beyond what is expected of them, they really are a truly special family of people. I think the world should know how special they are because I truly don’t believe they understand how much they are.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless each and every one of you.


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