LETTER: Owners are to blame, not the dogs

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I have owned a ‘Staffie’ for 70 years. Do you know they were the Victorian nursemaids for children in prams?

It is not the dog that is at fault, it is the owners. I feel the same as the victims of these terrible attacks, as my Staffie was at the jaws of an Alsatian when he was a puppy.

I am very hurt because when I see another dog of any breed I always put my dog on the lead.

I even feel for the breeders of Staffies as they have turned to other breeds because they were shunned in the show world.

Recently I was walking in the evening when we came to a party of over a dozen yapping small dogs. We had to walk through the crowd, two men and all these dogs out of control, not one on a lead.

A young man with a Staffie on a lead behind us said ‘Where’s the leads today? If my dog on a lead has a snap at one of these I am in trouble’.

Now tell me, who is right and who is wrong?

My dog is my life as I live on my own.

My husband is sick in care, that is another story that people look at the wrong way and nothing substantial is done for these poor people.

Staffie Owner

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WHAT DO YOU THINK? Are a Staffie owner and experienced problems from other people? Have you had problems with other dog breeds?

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