Letter: Our records are private

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All parties agree that patients should give consent before their records are shared and furthermore, patients should not be coerced e.g, opt out idea, where if you happen to opt out you will only get direct care.

This is wrong, they should be offered a viable alternative. The main argument is the NHS, under the Conservative Party, say patients gave implicit consent when they signed up with a GP. The Department of Health favours this idea. My reply: I believe that when patients signed up with a GP they would not have expected the NHS to give their medical records to a private organisation to be managed or used to make a profit. They would have expected their medical records to be kept within the original NHS and not organisations brought about by the Department of Health to poach patients’ medical records. The concerned doctors, led by the British Medical Association’s General Practice Committee, favours the opt in idea.

David Peach

South Avenue,