LETTER: Open your eyes to the state of the town

Mansfield Market Place.
Mansfield Market Place.

Regarding the report in the Chad on January 27, about Mansfield, I am a Mansfield man of 66 years and will always say I am proud to come from Mansfield.
Your report has just about got it spot on.
The town does not only look tired but the streets are dirty, parks unkept and the town centre is a joke.
If this mayor thinks it’s not a true reflective view, it’s time that she hung up her chains and took with her most of the councillors who, in my view, are out of touch with the residents of Mansfield.
As for MP Alan Meale, he’s way past his sell-by date in my opinion.
No, I am not a Tory and have not and will not ever vote for this self-proclaimed pompous Tory party.
Time for the residents of Mansfield to be better looked after and be respected.

D. E. Allen

Foster Street,