LETTER: Older doesn’t always mean better

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I believe in giving credit where credit is due. The youth of today often get bad press.

I needed my central heating system changing recently and over many years I have chosen to deal with the more mature people.

However, my grandson told me of someone who could help. I met him and quickly took in his age, I was told of his qualifications and accepted his help.

It has taken about a week to do all of the work. All this time he has been courteous, asking what I preferred and taking into consideration my needs.

At one stage I agreed to some of my pipes going over a door and the next day I had changed my mind and felt that I couldn’t live with the way they were. He changed it to suit me.

All during his work at my home he has remained positive, reassuring and understanding, even accepting of my chatter.

I would just like to share my experience with everyone. Older doesn’t always mean better.

Jean Tourle