LETTER: Not everyone wants to see smoking ban extended

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I fully agree with Peter Clay, (Chad Letters, September 9) about the iniquity of proposed extensions of the smoking ban. 
I appreciate that he has a vested interest but that does not mean he is wrong.

For no reason other than to reduce living costs I gave up smoking, which was 40 to 50 ciggies a day, more than 30 years ago but am still happy in the company of smokers.

When the ban on smoking in pubs was introduced, an old head teacher friend of mine, who had never had a cigarette in his life, told me that he preferred to go outside with the smokers rather than stay inside with ‘those other miserable beggars’ - correction, he didn’t say beggars.

Those who complain about others who smoke suggest, persistently, that one group of people should not be allowed to make life less pleasant for others. So what do they think they themselves are doing?

And I’ll tell you what gets up my nose, literally, people who eat brussels and emit foul odours. Ban sprouts, says I. And, if necessary, ban Christmas. Bah, humbug!

Bob Renshaw