LETTER: Nicola Sturgeon is hell bent on breaking up the UK

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So, Nicola Sturgeon wants another referendum on Scottish independence because the UK voted to come out of the European Union and cited that Scotland voted to stay in.

This woman is hell bent on breaking up the UK, come what may.

In my view it’s all about personal glory for Sturgeon, not what’s best for Scotland.

The Scots get £1,000 per head more than the rest of the UK, don’t pay university fees or prescription charges and get other benefits that the rest of the UK pay.

But having said that, the Scottish people are not fools and as far as them wanting to stay in the EU, I bet Brussels are saying they have got enough lame ducks without any more with the likes of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, and most of Europe.

But I think common sense will prevail and the Scottish people will vote to stay in the UK and Nicola Sturgeon will be a thing of the past like her predecessor, Alex Salmond.

A. Warner

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