LETTER: Nice to see community come together for refugee collection

Sorted bags ready for transport to the continent
Sorted bags ready for transport to the continent

Further to your mention of our collection for refugee aid in last week’s Chad, I would like to thank everyone who has generously donated and contacted us to pledge their support. 
It is so nice to see our local community come together to assist others.

Not all of the feedback has been positive, however, and we have been contacted by some people who believe that the so-called refugees are actually scroungers and terrorists.

I’d like to share that we are a criminal defence law firm. Our job is to assist people who are accused of awful things. Every criminal lawyer must come to peace with the fact that their job may see them helping a guilty person walk free. They do that because they believe that fighting to ensure no innocent people are wrongly convicted is more important.

We feel similarly about the refugee crisis – by offering aid in any situation to any person, you run the risk that you may be taken advantage of and help someone who doesn’t genuinely need it. But, by never offering aid, you decide that vulnerable people in desperate need are forced to go without. We are not prepared to take that risk.

We continue accepting donations, and legal cases, and will defend genuine refugees with as much passion as we defend our clients.

Katie Forrest

Forrest Williams Solicitors