LETTER: NHS should be top priority


It was just in June that leading ‘leave’ campaigners signed an open letter to the effect that leaving the EU would benefit public finances leaving £5,5 billion more to spend on the NHS and allowing VAT to be removed from energy bills.

Four months later, the NHS is suffering its worst financial crisis ever with senior A&E doctors stating hospitals are under such strain that a bad outbreak of flu this winter would be enough to leave services “pole axed”. 
Now hospitals are being told to shed staff to rescue the NHS from its acute funding crisis, leaving nurses and other frontline medical workers at the risk of the sack and patients to face longer waiting times. I think it fair to say the NHS is not safe in the hands of this government. 
We need to take action to restore our health service. 
It is central to the health and well being of all who live in the UK and as such deserves top priority. Perhaps the public need to sign an open letter to that effect, at least we would mean what we say.

Maggie Kellman

By email