LETTER: New bins are full in a week


So Ashfield District Council introduced the new-red-lidded bins for normal household waste in a bid to prompt more reclycling.
I’m sorry, but as a household we try our very best to recycle as much as possible, washing out glass jars, breaking down cereal boxes and separating all our rubbish.
However, with two adults and two youngsters – along with a pet cat – we still found our previous bin, which was much bigger, was bursting at the seams.
Now we thought we would give the new bins a chance and questioned whether we had been recycling enough. But we find the new bin is full within aweek and we are having to take our bagged-up rubbish to the tip, because the bin is still only emptied fortnightly.
I’m not one normally to raise my objections, but I am left questioning what I pay my council tax for.
And don’t get me started on the pointless initiative of having the previous household waste bin retained for garden rubbish. Utterly pointless and I know a lot of my friends feel the same.

A frustrated mum

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