LETTER: My wife could have lost her sight without NHS


Given the constant moan about ‘our health service’ and its oft trumpeted shortcomings, I feel that when it gets it right there’s nothing else like it in the world we should be justly proud of what it can achieve.

On Thursday, January 4, my wife awoke complaining of a shadow in her left eye compromising her vision. She thought something like mascara had possibly blurred her field of view. Nonetheless she sought an appointment with Specsavers at Sutton-in-Ashfield. 
On examination they were horrified to find her left retina was beginning to detach and immediately rang King’s Mill Hospital, which gave her an immediate appointment for the following morning at 9am.

By lunchtime she was being examined by a leading opthalmic surgeon at the Royal Derby Hospital and corrective surgery performed on Monday, January 8.

This is not the response of a service in crisis and we will be eternally thankful for all the staff at both hospitals and Specsavers whose prompt and professional actions undoubtedly saved her sight.

We were repeatedly told that far too often by the time patients present with retinal problems they have left it too late so we would urge anyone with sudden shadows in their vision to act promptly.

David and Jenny Drew

By email