LETTER: MP should answer to those who cast votes

A ballot box.
A ballot box.

I read Paul Bradshaw’s recent letter about Mansfield Labour Party with interest. In it he seemed to confirm that Sir Alan Meale will not be seeking re-election as our next MP, but that his successor as Labour candidate has yet to be selected.

He went on to state that the local party will draw up a shortlist of people to choose the next person to fly the flag for them at the next General Election. This is reassuring as in the past the national party has at times taken this decision, for example when they insisted upon a ‘women only’ panel.

Mr Bradshaw went on to say that there are more than 600 local Labour Party members. I would find it staggering if there wasn’t sufficient people out of that large number to make up the shortlist who possess the right level of intelligence and believe in an acceptable version of socialism. Surely it isn’t too much to ask that we have an opportunity to send a local person to Westminster to represent Mansfield?

We always gave great support to former MPs like Don Concannon and Bernard Taylor as they were ‘one of us’. Could I also add that, in my opinion, whoever is our MP they should be answerable to those who put them into power and not just at every General Election. What is seen to be absent from the current harassment allegations in and around Parliament is any action being taken by local parties of all colours to get to the bottom of the allegations and take disciplinary action if that is required.

It was a similar situation with the MPs’ expenses scandal a few years ago. I did not hear of any member being brought to book by their local party regarding their excessive claims. They left it to national leaders and in some cases the criminal courts to punish wrong-doers.

I thought we ran this country on democratic principals?

John Heath

Brick Kiln Lane, Mansfield