LETTER: Most important vote you will ever have

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Your regular columnist, Roy Bainton, raised the question EU Vote: how will we ever decide? and then, in my view, makes no effort to provide any answers, preferring instead to use the article to have a go at Iain Duncan-Smith and to belittle the two campaign groups representing the OUT campaign.

He refers to one of them as UKIP, which is incorrect, since UKIP is working with cross party groups in this campaign, as this critical matter IS NOT a political issue.

For correctness, I can advise Roy that the groups currently supporting the OUT campaign are Vote Leave, Leave.EU/Grassroots OUT (GO), Better Off Out, Get Britain Out and Vote Leave Take Control and whilst yes it is confusing, but nevertheless vital, that this matter be properly represented, it is up to the Electoral Commission to decide which group will represent the movement and that all the other groups can get behind and then get a clear message out to the electorate.

This referendum is the most important vote you will ever have. I would urge everyone to vote, since, historically, only 40 per cent of the electorate vote at General Election – this issue is too important.

If you have a view then vote, if you do not vote, you have no right to complain – up to you.

Sid Pepper

UKIP Mansfield