LETTER: More reasons to vote ‘out’ of the EU than stay ‘in’

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In reply to your columnist ref: EU referendum, Wednesday, March 30 edition, who cannot make up his mind whether we should stay in the EU or leave.
I can’t think of any reason to stay in the EU, but can suggest a few reasons for leaving.
Immigration: does he not wonder why we have long waiting lists for hospitals, doctors and dentists and why our schools are overcrowded? It is not that the NHS is underfunded, it is the amount of immigrants coming to this country and overloading the system. 
In the last nine years, 1.6 million immigrants have arrived in this country, that is equal to the population of Manchester and Birmingham. In June this year, 76m Turkish residents will be given access to free movement in Europe, many will want to come to the UK. The only way we can control our borders is to leave the EU.
Trade deals: As the EU sells more goods to the UK than the UK sells to the EU, it is only common sense that they will make a trade agreement as soon as possible to protect their markets. I cannot see Mrs Merkel saying to Mercedes or BMW you cannot sell any more vehicles in the UK.
Business: A host of major businesses from around the world have pledged to invest in the UK in the coming years despite the threat of Brexit. 
Boeing, the world’s largest aircraft maker is moving its headquarters to London. Toyota, the Japanese car maker says it will continue to make cars in the Midlands if the UK votes to leave the EU. Avon cosmetics in March 2016, announced it is to move its headquarters to the UK from New York where it has been based for 130 years. It stated being based in the UK would help it maximise global connections. 
Nissan, the largest car maker in the UK, their European chairman Paul Willcox says “Sunderland is a beacon for global manufacturing and excellence for Nissan, it shows that through to 2020, we have made an investment”.
HSBC bank in February 2016, confirmed its global headquarters will remain in London.
Norges bank, Yngve Slyngstad, the boss of the biggest sovereign wealth fund, says it will plough more money into the UK whatever the outcome of the referendum. The £580 billion fund has £60bn invested in the UK making it the second largest market after the US. 
Airbus, the world’s second largest aircraft manufacturer, chief executive Fabrice Bregler says the company has no intention of pulling out of manufacturing in the UK if the UK votes to leave the EU.
Sovereignty: We elect MPs to rule the UK and if they do not perform in five years time, we re-elect or vote for change. These MPs are supposed to make the laws of the land to benefit the UK, not any more, 60 per cent of all new laws now come from the EU. 
We have EU judges that over-rule our elected government, we cannot deport criminals, murderers, rapists or terrorists because of their so-called human rights, again governed by the EU. 
Security: By closing our borders we will be more secure, we can pick and choose who we wish to admit, as for sharing information with Europe on terrorists this will continue as the Europeans receive more terrorist information from the UK than we receive from Europe.

This is in the interest of both parties.
As I said at the start, I cannot think of any good reason to stay in Europe, it’s time to stand on our own two feet and fight for a better, safer future.

P Pratt

Southridge Drive, Mansfield