LETTER: Members allowances should be reviews


The law requires the council to pay a basic allowance to all councillors having regard to advice from an independent remuneration panel.

In light of the current economic climate, members’ allowances should be examined.Councils cut services to save millions.

Officers expenses can run into thousands with stays in hotels and trips abroad. These expenses may have been justified or merely a jolly at the tax payers’ expense. Many members are self employed or employed. Low-paid council workers struggle to pay their way.

They work a full day for peanuts. I would like to know what members do all day, when I look around the village they do very little in my opinion.

How can these people possibly justify their salaries. They can’t, but many don’t have to as not enough of us are asking awkward questions.

The Freedom of Information act reveals that some £440 million was spent on council credit cards between 2007 and 2012. Yet, you ask the council for a minor road to be put forward for resurfacing, the answer is ‘not enough money’.

Mr Martin

Coopers Rise, Rainworth