LETTER: Market needs more incentives and some common sense

Mansfield Market Place.
Mansfield Market Place.

The on-going saga of the Mansfield Market area sadly doesn’t appear to be anywhere near a sensible solution. 
What’s the point of moving pillar to post? It will achieve absolutely nothing but an empty void elsewhere, which the town centre really could do well without.
What incentives, if at all, have been given to entice traders to not only continue but encourage them? 
I recently visited a market town and there was no problems, it was full of traders, full of people and more importantly people of all ages actually buying things.

If other towns can do it, what is the problem?
What about the empty shops around the market area looking dismal? Could nothing be done?

I can recall many years ago that one of them sold books, but is now empty. Has the council contacted the owners? We do not want more banks or estate agents either, although banks are closing and replacing staff with service machines.
The market traders need leaving where they are and incentives for more to come.

Also a better way for the disabled to park is needed, Queen Street is chaos, it is not at all adequate.

Do any of the councillors have disabled drivers or users in their contacts, and realise the many difficulties it entails? I expect possibly not. 
Finally, it comes down to basic commonsense, not more surveys, meetings, cups of tea and muffins etc. Some of the councillors have been or are, I believe, in business. Surely this doesn’t take a lot of thinking? Or does it? I rest my case.

Mark Wilson
(Address supplied)