LETTER: Many would like to see end of county council

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The news that our neighbours in Bolsover and Bassetlaw districts are to become part of the new Sheffield city region could well mean the end of the road for both Notts and Derbyshire County Councils as they may no longer be big enough to be viable.

I suspect many people in Mansfield district would be happy to see the abolition of our county council as they often get the impression that the majority of county councillors take a detached view of the goings on in our town, being chiefly concerned about their own local communities which are sometimes miles away from Mansfield in a totally different environment to the one we live in.

It seems that the residents of Bolsover and Bassetlaw will get a bigger and better share of the cake when it comes to investment in their communities.

It will be interesting to compare our district’s fortunes with that of our friendly rivals in Chesterfield who are also joining up with Sheffield. Having to become honorary northerners will be a small price to pay for the good times that are ahead for them.

Meanwhile we Mansfielders will have to continue to hang onto the coat tails of the people in south Notts in the hope that we get a few fringe benefits.

It is a pity our town isn’t just that bit nearer to South Yorkshire so that we could be a part of this new northern powerhouse. Perhaps the only hope for us is if the county council is actually abolished and Mansfield is able to have a unitary authority.

Ian Alexander

Skegby Lane,