LETTER: Many feel Corbyn must resign from job

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As a Labour member, I am extremely disappointed to see Councillor Cheryl Butler’s comments regarding the resignation of Gloria De Piero from the Shadow Cabinet, as Coun Butler gives the impression she is representing the overall feeling of Ashfield Labour Party members and this is simply not the case.

Coun Butler claims Jeremy Corbyn “was overwhelmingly supported in our area”.
However, this is not true, as Mr Corbyn was only nominated for leader by the Ashfield Labour Party with a majority of only one vote.

Coun Butler also claims Ms De Piero’s decision to resign was “at odds with grassroots Labour support”, but again that claim lacks clear evidence in my view and ignores the fact more than 50 Ashfield Labour members have signed a letter supporting Ms De Piero’s decision to resign and respectfully calling for the resignation of Mr Corbyn.

As a member, I voted for Mr Corbyn last year, as I was disillusioned with the other candidates.
However, myself and many other members that voted for him feel let down by his performance so far and his failure to connect with ordinary Labour voters outside of the party membership. 
I therefore believe Mr Corbyn’s position in untenable and call for him to resign in the interests of saving our party.

My eyes were opened to Mr Corbyn’s failure and unpopularity when I spoke with our voters while out campaigning for the EU referendum.
It was very clear Mr Corbyn had failed to resonate with local Labour voters and gain their support. 
Ms De Piero is elected as MP for Ashfield and it is her duty to reflect the views of the electorate in the whole constituency and not just the views of the Labour membership.

Therefore, I believe Ms De Piero’s decision to resign is honourable and in sync with the electorate in Ashfield and she has the full support of myself and a substantial number of our party members.

Ricky-Lee Cooke

Ashfield Labour Party Member