LETTER: Mansfield Brewery who’s who

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I’ve just had the photo published in the November 9 Chad pointed out to me, thinking that I was one of the subjects. You asked who they were so here goes. 
Seated left is Steve Westby, then Nottingham breweries liaison officer for CAMRA.
Centre, in the white coat is Richard MJ Meadows, then brewing production manager, now sadly deceased. Richard finished his career at Mansfield as production director at the Wolverhampton and Dudley, now Marston’s, takeover in 2000.

The gent on the right is Richard Lewis, then marketing director. 
As far as the occasion is concerned, I’m not sure, but it might have been something to do with the opening of the brewhouse, which was commissioned in 1982.

It was probably a preview for Steve of Cask Mansfield Mild, which was released about that time, having previously only been available in keg.

The pump clip on the beer engine Richard has his hand on looks about right.

Mike Cleator

Former brewer then chief engineer, Mansfield Brewery