LETTER: Make sure support goes to right place

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I applaud those who are bringing the plight of the homeless to our attention and the marvellous amount raised.
When I see someone homeless I buy a hot drink and soup/sandwich for them after asking.

If any of them that ask for money instead, I walk away. Please don’t give money, donate to a homeless charity.
Also, those who do a sleep out know that it will be only for one or two nights, unlike those who are sleeping rough every night.

But it does bring home to them about the homeless.

I have in the past, bought tents, sleeping bags, food and clothes for them.

It is a disgrace that the Government relies on the goodwill of the public.

May I also point out that I’m an ex-soldier, served for 20 years, and among the homeless are ex-military, I believe one in four.
I am at times ashamed that they put their lives on the line and are cast aside when they have left the forces.

William Power

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