LETTER: Look at the facts and not political games

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I read the comments from Conservative Coun Stephen Harvey in last week’s Chad and was amazed by what I felt was his naivety, especially coming from someone who purports to be a commercial property investor.

I normally resist getting embroiled in the tit for tat party politics game but I feel Coun Harvey’s comments are simple political posturing.

Residents need to be aware that Coun Harvey was one of those who voted to support the investments in all of the properties we have bought since May 2015. A decision he voted on in full council and wholeheartedly supported when he was an Independent member of the council.

Coun Harvey will be aware that Mansfield District council has £343 million invested in property across Mansfield and district. As The Chad correctly reported in the same article last week, the amount invested outside the district is £23.9 million, which is just 7% of our investments.

Since being elected in May 2015 my vision for the town has not changed, but we need financial stability coming into the authority to be able to make significant change. Our property portfolio as a council is very good. This kind of foresight and financial acumen is what the town desperately needs to survive in this time of austerity and dwindling government grant. We can no longer rely on government funds to sustain us. Other authorities are modelling themselves on us, poaching our ideas, learning from us, acknowledging our expertise and learning from our matrix model, designed by our property team.

Innovation is what the Independent Forum has brought to the running of Mansfield District Council.

The reality is that for the council to survive in this economy, to continue to deliver core services, we need to create new revenue sources. It really is that simple. The reason for solid investments is to make us financially sound and able to deliver the services that people expect.

I want hotels, bigger shops, and a vibrant market, to deliver good quality housing but most of all I want Mansfield to be the best it can be. This was always my aim; please try not to let one person’s political sour grapes cloud your view. Look at the facts and not the political games.

If you have any concerns, or would like to discuss any details with me please call 01623 463048 to make an appointment or e mail me at mayorkateallsop@mansfield.gov.uk.

Coun Kate Allsop

Mayor of Mansfield