LETTER: Local Plan consultation events are up and running

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In response to a letter online by David Dabell in reference to ‘planning notices’ regarding Ravensdale Middle School.
Mansfield District Council is currently consulting on the Draft Local Plan for Mansfield district. 
Notices were put up on January 8 and 9 and additional notices were installed on January 22. The notices have been placed at various locations around Mansfield to identify sites that are earmarked for development from now until 2033.

These signs should not be confused with Planning Notices which give details of sites that are the subject of a current planning application. The sites in the Draft Local Plan are proposed and are subject to the ongoing Local Plan consultation and will be considered in due course by the Council. Should these sites subsequently be adopted as allocations, they will then in turn be the subject of planning applications and further consultation with local residents on the detail of each application.

We are inviting residents to take part in the Draft Local Plan consultation and have their say on the proposed sites. We have already held two weeks of events in community centres around Mansfield and this week we continue with several more. For more information on dates and times please visit www.mansfield.gov.uk/localplan. You will also find a link to our online planning portal where you can add comments on the Local Plan directly. We also have a short film about the local plan which can be viewed on the page.

This round of consultation lasts until February 22 and we welcome the views of all our residents in this process.

We apologise for any confusion over the signage and hope that this clarifies our position.

Martyn Saxton

Head of planning and regulatory services at Mansfield District Council