LETTER: Lest we forget our wonderful veterans

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It was wonderful to see the Armed Forces Day so well attended and the public response the other day.

Thanks to the veterans and those who gave all, we have our freedom, yet the rest of the year we forget those who are homeless or those with post-traumatic stress disorder – you have to wait some time to see someone.

The Royal British Legion does magnificent work for these and their families.

As a Northern Ireland veteran it appals me that the only memorial is in Ulster and not on the mainland as, according to the Government, it wasn’t a war. 
Tell that to the 1,300-plus who died there, more than 6,000 badly wounded and God knows how many with PTSD.

We have so many to thank from various conflicts for our today, and I salute those who served their Queen and country.

Let us not forget the wives and families who served in their own way. 
May future parades grow to show what we owe to all our armed forces and let them know how much they are respected.

WJ Power BEM

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