LETTER: Leaving the EU will stop ‘control by stealth’

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I maybe wrong, but I think Roy Bainton (your opinion, April 18) is a remainer.

Whilst I do not agree with Roy, I do appreciate his offerings, but not this time.

Whilst his piece maybe accurate of the selling of our ‘treasures’, in my view he has cherry picked to support his argument. But these ‘takeovers’ by EU companies could not have happened had we not been in the EU and the sooner we are free of the EU we can stop this sort of invasion and control by stealth of our country.

When we leave, yes we will need strong leadership, which we will not get from momentum, sorry the Labour Party, so the Conservatives will need to step up and show some courage and, among other things, block the GKN takeover.

Finally, Roy’s referral to selling of the ‘family silver’.... just remind me again who sold off our gold reserves at rock bottom? Answers please on a postcard.

Sid Pepper

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