LETTER: Labour Party has lost its way

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I was interested to read an email sent by the local Labour Party recently asking their members to go to London for a demonstration on Saturday, July 1, which left me both bemused and disgusted.

Does the Labour Party have no belief in or respect for democracy? 
Have not we, the electorate, voted only a few weeks ago to return not just a Conservative Government, but the first Conservative MP for Mansfield?

Which part of these couple of relevant facts escaped their attention, and what part of ‘Labour lost the election fair and square,’ cannot they comprehend?

If they think encouraging insurrection will help their cause, then I’m afraid they are mistaken, and if the local Labour leadership had any respect at all for the local electorate or, indeed, any part of the democratic process then they would frown on such actions rather than support them.

But, in my view, I suppose really it just goes to prove their disdain for both the electorate, and electoral democracy, shows it up to be a party that has completely lost its way, and, in my view, completely unfit to govern.

Barry Martin

Poplar Grove, Forest Town