LETTER: Is there no pride in our area?

Dog fouling warnings.
Dog fouling warnings.

After moving to the area from the south coast in 2016, I still am surprised how dog owners don’t take pride in their area by not clearing up behind their dogs.

We live near to Yeoman Hill Park and it’s embarrassing how covered it is in dog mess, and I’m amazed they attempt to play football on there on a Sunday.

There are signs up saying ‘up to £1,000 fine’ but it could be £10,0000 and still people won’t clear up as it’s not supervised.

I’m a dog owner myself, I obviously clear up behind our hound but I have seen on numerous occasions people just watching their dog do their business then just walk off.

I’m not saying it’s perfect down south, but it’s 80 per cent better than in Yeoman.

Wayne Thomas

By email