LETTER: Irresponsible motorists should be fined

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I drive and maintain a car, a car that I tax, MOT and insure.

Can I ask why do some drivers think that it’s okay to drive with lights that are not working? Each and every journey to work and back, more and more vehicles’ front and rear lights are not working. If our constabulary can no longer find the time to police defective vehicles why don’t other agencies, the highways agency take the responsibility or employ someone to do so? Stop the offending vehicle and impose an ‘on the spot’ fine.

If the vehicle belongs to a business this should be doubled. Doesn’t one fault often lead to another?

If a driver is too lazy to replace a failed light bulb what are their tyres/brakes going to be like? Is the vehicle insured? 
Let’s get these road users to be more responsible, fined and prosecuted if required and raise money towards the maintenance of our highways, teach them that its not safe to drive with lights out.


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