LETTER: Insight into tough life at the coalface

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I read Andrew Stafford’s recent letter about Bolsover MP Dennis Skinner with interest and took his advice and went to Nottingham to see the film about Mr Skinner’s life.

I agree it is an excellent movie. It showed the large amount of work he does both inside and outside Parliament. His commitment to serving the people of north Derbyshire puts some other MPs to shame, in my opinion. I was particularly moved by the footage of what life is like down the mines. I have never been below ground, and I’m glad I didn’t follow some of my friends and relatives to the bottom of the pit shaft. I take my hat off to those brave men (and women at Clipstone Colliery) who spent their working lives filling coal so that our homes as well as industry at large could be supplied with fuel.

I know Notts miners earned good money from their work but, my goodness, if this film’s footage is anything to go by, they deserved every penny of their wages.

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I am at a loss as to know why Dennis Skinner’s film hasn’t been shown in Mansfield. Perhaps it will get an airing on Channel 4 television sometime in the near future. I hope so.

Talking of the local mining industry, my father told me some years ago that on more than one occasion the then managers of the Stags took the players down Crown Farm Colliery at the start of the football season to show them how lucky they were to be playing football when compared to the toils of Mansfield miners. Can any fellow readers verify this story, please?

Paul Johnson

Sutton Road, Mansfield