LETTER: Importance of town to Quaker movement

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I note with interest, in the Chad, that Coun Kate Allsop, our mayor, visited Mansfield, Pennsylvania, USA, organised by the Sister Cities Association.

I hope she emphasised the importance, on this particular trip, of the Quaker connection. William Penn, an early Quaker from England, founded the state of Pennsylvania, when many Quakers settled in America, after persecution in England.

George Fox, the founder of the Quakers, started the movement here in Mansfield. His early disciples, from and around Mansfield, soon spread out and are now worldwide.

Our Mansfield had three mayors that were Quakers, and were instrumental in the early development of Mansfield.

The new bus station, on the site of Mansfield’s old Quaker Meeting House, has two plaques displaying the history of the site and a full list of people that were buried there, before removal to Mansfield Cemetery.

Ralph Holt