LETTER: Ignorant drivers need to park elsewhere

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I am writing in concern and anger at the sheer dismissal by drivers of the “access only” status of Sanforth Street ­— how the locals go on for parking I cannot figure. 
We have cause to visit a vulnerable relative who lives on Sanforth Street and during the week the bottom end especially is absolutely choked up with cars and vans using the sandwich shop at the bottom, many of whom are not satisfied with staying long enough to buy their sandwich but sit there eating it without a care in the world. They cannot be said to be accessing Sanforth Street because the entrance to the shop is on Sheffield Road.

Perhaps of particular interest to the council would be the number of borough council vans that appear at all hours, not just lunchtimes, to get their supplies from the sandwich shop. Nice to know our council tax is being spent wisely, and still they continue despite a complaint to management at the depot.

One day a council van, and a ‘private contractor’ had parked at the bottom of the street on opposite sides, on double yellows I might add, such that the street was impossible to enter when turning in off Sheffield Road. God help anyone needing an ambulance.

To be fair to the lady who runs the sandwich shop she tries to alleviate the situation by putting a sandwich board up pointing to parking on Nelson Street, also access only.

Now we come to match day, and today was once more an exercise in futility trying to visit our relative because of the sheer number of cars parked up for the football, despite the best attentions of a pair of constables at one end. Not only is there cars parked that should not be there but some of the fans also cause damage walking past, one lady had her wing mirror smashed off by a “fan” walking past.

Today I was tempted to drive into the football ground and park there, after all their fans had stopped me parking so why not?

If the traffic wardens would like to boost their ticket numbers they should come down from the town centre for a week or two and have a field day, but in truth the street needs something along the lines of permit parking, even if only down the bottom half where it is most affected.


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