LETTER: If market is so great, you try shopping there

Mansfield Market
Mansfield Market

After reading in the Chad of June 8, how the Mayor, Coun Kate Allsop, suggested that we all go into town with a full purse and then leave with an empty one, I am disgusted.
Who will want to come regularly, especially from other places, when we still only have a market that is less than 25 per cent of what it was?
Also, each one of our major supermarkets are out of town, so that would mean two journeys for many, some of whom will have to pay for taxis on both. Some who do use a bus have had to wait because a bus has been missed out and none are as regular like they once were.
Some people can only come to town on one day, because of their hours of employment. 
If this town is such a great success, I suggest that Coun Allsop and all the top officials leave their cars at home for a few weeks and travel by bus to both the town and all of our supermarkets, one of which is almost in Sutton, but make sure their purses are full.

Kate Allsop

Beck Crescent, Mansfield

Editor’s Note: Although the same name, this is not the Mayor of Mansfield