LETTER: I’ll stick with King’s Mill

King's Mill Hospital
King's Mill Hospital

I have to agree with the letter recently published from Sam Ellis (read Sam’s lettter here) about changes taking place at King’s Mill Hospital, Sutton.

I fear it might take much more than a change of management name to improve the reputation of this hospital. Once there are doubts in the mind of the public about something as important as how medical care is dispensed it takes something radical to happen to win back their confidence. Some fellow readers may not be aware that people needing hospital treatment can ask their family doctor to refer them to the patient’s chosen hospital.

Many neighbours here in Rainworth have opted to go to either Newark or Nottingham hospitals rather than King’s Mill. In the case of Newark Hospital, they have taken advantage of the fact that, although we think of ourselves as being Mansfield people, our village is within the boundaries of Newark and Sherwood Council and so exercise the right to attend what is officially our local hospital.

Others are prepared to travel the extra distance to Nottingham as they feel that the hospitals there are “top of the league” institutions, linked as they are to the University Medical School, and therefore feel that they will have the advantage of the latest methods of medical care.

Personally I will stick with King’s Mill should I need treatment in the future. I hope that by being managed by Nottingham Hospitals now will result in the good practices exercised in the south of our county will quickly spread to Sutton-in-Ashield/Mansfield.

John Heath

Lake Farm Road, Rainworth