LETTER: I fully support social media ban

Social media
Social media

I fully endorse the council’s decision to ban councillors from using electronic devices during council meetings. Smart phones etc are all very well in their place, but that is not in the council chamber whilst a meeting is taking place.

How can full concentration be given to the business in hand when someone is constantly tweeting?

Apart from anything else, it is disrespectful to the person speaking at the time, and just plain bad manners. 
To the councillors who justify their use on the grounds that they have to update the public as to what is happening, I would argue that it is unnecessary and an excuse.

It would be perfectly feasible to do the update once the meeting has concluded. 
I think it is time that the councillors, of whatever political persuasion, who object to this ruling, grow up and start to act in a more mature and responsible way.

If they are bored during the meetings, and using social media helps alleviate that boredom, then perhaps they are in the wrong job?

Linda Smith

Avon Way, Mansfield