LETTER: I fear fracking could contaminate water

A fracking well in operation in America
A fracking well in operation in America

I understand that the company doing the surveys for the fracking corporation is based at Meden Vale at the old chicken farm.

They must have plenty of money because all their equipment is left in the woods every 200 metres along the bridle paths and has been there for weeks. They must get water damage.
Anyway, I am against fracking because our water supply relies on the underground supplies for all Nottinghamshire and parts of Derbyshire. The only river supply we get is Church Wilne at Long Eaton.
If a fissure fractures, I believe it could contaminate from the old mine workings or from nitrates which farmers put on ground levels, which I understand can make babies sick.
Our water supply is pure, it is 3,000 years old and is safe. It does not need to be disinfected, but the world health authority says it does.
Just to safeguard against bacteria our boreholes are at Rufford, Boughton, Caunton, Rainworth, Halam, Ompton, Amen Corner, Clipstone, Edwinstowe, Budby, Sherwood Forest, Worksop, Retford, Tuxford, Clay Lane, Newark, Papplewick, Eastwood, Farnsfield, Norman’s Hollow and Fishpool.

I. Tomlinson

Portland Crescent, 
Meden Vale