LETTER: I back call to cut A60 speed limit

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I am writing in support of Portland Training College and its efforts to get better road safety on the A60 Mansfield to Nottingham Road.

When Harlow Wood Hospital was in operation, we had problems of casualties when crossing at the top of Harlow Wood Hill.

This will all be in the Chad records of 1972.

We took action and this resulted in street lights and a slip road at the top of the hill being installed, making it a bit safer. We did not get a 30mph limit. Cars used to speed up the hill and try to get to 100mph downhill.

The volume of traffic on this road now is far worse and unsafe. I would suggest a 30mph limit with speed cameras on the south side of the hill.

Richard W. Danbury

Ex-branch Sec COHSE

Southridge Drive,