LETTER: How much left for front-line officers?


I was intrigued to read the guest column from Paddy Tipping in the Chad recently about policing.

Firstly, he tells us that he has had to wipe £54 million off the budget since 2010, then he says that 61 supervisory posts will be “rationalised”. 
How does he suddenly find out he has 61 unnecessary supervisors? 
How long have they been in post wasting money? 
Is he intending to transfer them to front-line duties to fulfil his claim “we can invest in 80 additional officers”? 
If so, will they be taking a pay cut to match them with other front-line staff?

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I’m sure they are not on minimum wage in their current role but, as no details are published, I would have to assume that they are on higher salaries as supervisors than the people who they will be working with. 
Or, is he going to make them redundant and hire fresh faces? How much will this cost/save?

Moving on, ‘My budget for 2018-19, (an annual increase for Band D properties of £11.97), will help raise an additional £2.8m’, then later he says, “Next year we will have £4m more to invest in local policing services”. 
Is that 2019-20? If so, how much is the council tax going to go up then? 
How has he managed to work that out when he hasn’t even got this year’s yet and (presumably) made no allowance for inflation?

I also note he has made no mention of salary increases for himself or the remaining supervisory staff. With the new specialist vehicle he intends buying for the rural crime team and the cost of the ‘new custody facility to replace the old-fashioned accommodation for the Bridewell in Nottingham’, how much will be left for front-line policing?

J D Frankland

Layton Avenue,