LETTER: How many council workers does it take to prune a tree?

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I have thought for many years that at times Mansfield District Council wastes a lot of public money.

And what I saw a few days ago proved it in my view.
I drove past two council workers on Northfield Park, one with a saw, the other with secateurs. They were trimming off the twigs from the bottom of some very large trees. Three days later, there were three men, this time with a truck that was full of small branches and twigs.

One of the men must have been proud of the truckload as he stood, arms folded, at the side of it. Another walked round, and the third carried on clipping twigs off.
There are some trees in this area that tower over the bungalows, some branches pass through phone wires etc, yet the council told some of the residents nothing could be done because (and pardon the pun) cutbacks.
The kerb edges are full of grass and weeds that look unsightly, yet it took three men to do what could have been a one man or woman job.
As I said at the start of this letter, what a waste of public money, not to mention the time it must have taken for a meeting to discuss if this job could be done.
I’ve also seen council workers (always two) each with a bag and a grabber picking up rubbish. Why this job has to be done in pairs baffles me. Their speed at doing this would leave a tortoise breathless.
I don’t blame the men, although their work ethics would not have done for me. No, I blame the people at the top for not seeing what’s going on.

L. Clark

Mansfield Woodhouse